14th June 2020:     Firstly, we wish all our client organisations and Disclosure applicants best wishes during this Coronavirus emergency.   We appreciate that, for many, this has been a very difficult three months.   Hopefully, normal life, education and work will normalise soon.   If there is any way in which Lloyd Education can assist, do please ask.

15th June 2020:     The Disclosure & Barring Service, and police authorities, have done a sterling job during recent weeks and almost completely cleared our file of pending applications.   We are now functioning normally and receiving and processing DBS applications within 24 hours.    Applicants can expect to receive their certificates in, on average, two weeks from our receipt of their applications.    

26th July 2020:     Tuesday, 18th August to Monday, 24th August: There may be a delay of a few days in returning identity documents.  Do not worry...they will be returned to you as soon as we can do so.

11th October 2020:     Monday, 12th October to Wednesday, 14th October: There may be a delay, of just a few days, in sending out application packs and in returning documents.

11th October 2020:     The Disclosure & Barring Service have tightened up their monitoring of eligibility of applicants, workforces and levels of checks.  To help us avoid errors, please ensure that you return Form A with your DBS application.

11th October 2020:     As from today, applications (with original documents) sent to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery will be returned by the same method and charged at £5.55 unless tha applicant requests otherwise.