Q:     Where should I post my DBS application form to?     A:     To 59 Mill Road Drive, Purdis Farm, Suffolk, IP3 8UT.

Q:     How should I pay?     A:     If the organisation that requires your DBS check has agreed to pay, they will be invoiced at the end of the calendar month.  If not, you should pay by cheque to Lloyd Education or through Paypal (to Lloyd Education, £3.09 additional fee) or by bank transfer (please contact us for details).

Q:     How can I get my identity checked?     A:     There is a Verification of Identity form in your application pack.  If your organisation has a Trusted Person, they should complete the Verification form and include it with your application form.  You will need to show your identity documents to the Trusted Person.  If the organisation does not have a Trusted Person (or if you live remotely) we will accept the completion of the Verification form by a responsible professional known to you (e.g. teacher, doctor, solicitor, architect etc.).  That person should give you a brief letter with their date of birth, home address, occupation title and professional qualifications.     Alternatively, send your documents to us so that we can verify your identity. We will return them promptly and securely.

Q:     How should I post valuable identity documents and how will I receive them back?     A:     We normally use Royal Mail Signed For post.  We charge no extra fee for sending them back by this method.  If you want a more secure means, please use Royal Mail Special Delivery.  We charge an additional fee for returning documents by this method.  We have only once, in 16 years and many thousands of posted items, had an item of mail go missing.

Q:      Why do we need to give a phone number or email address on our application form?     A:     Sometimes the DBS contact us for clarification of an applicant's details.  We then may need to ask the applicant for information. 

Q:     How long will it be before I receive my DBS Disclosure certificate?     A:     The average wait is approximately ten working days.  But...it can, rarely, take anything up to two months.  There is no logical explanation for this.  The main cause of delay is when the relevant police authority are not working on DBS Disclosures (We imagine thousands of applications sitting in in-trays!)  But between one week and three weeks is a general guide.  After two months we, as the Umbrella Body, may request 'escalation' of an application.  Then the certificate must be completed in ten further days or else!

Q:     What happens if I complete my form in blue ink?     A:     We would normally return the form to you with a new copy to complete in black ink.  The DBS only accept applications in black ink.

Q:     What are the common application form errors?     A:     Omitting any middle name(s) and not giving a five-year address history.

Q:     Why is Lloyd Education Form A needed?     A:     We have to submit your application to the DBS with additional information such as the level of check (Enhanced or Standard) or workforce (Child or Adult).  Your completion of Form A allows us to do this accurately.

Q:     Who decides whether my check should be Enhanced or Standard, Volunteer or non-Volunteer?     A:     Usually this is discussed between your organisation and Lloyd Education, taking Form A information into account.  The DBS is, rightfully, very strict about the entitlement to levels of check and the workforce(s) required for the certificate.  When you apply, we assume that you give permision for this discussion to take place.   It is not usually necessary to inform you as the applicant as your organisation will have discussed this with you.

Q:     Is there somewhere that I can get information about the DBS?     A:     The gov.uk website is the best place.   Or phone or email Lloyd Education.   Keith Lloyd has been doing this work for sixteen years and has been on two DBS training courses! 

Q:     Do I have to send original documents?     A:    (1) If your organisation has a Trusted Person, they may inspect your documents and complete the Verification Form that is in the application pack.   (2) If you have a trusted person who is willing to check your documents and complete the Verification Form, please do that.  Send copies of documents and the Form, duly completed.  In addition, a brief letter from the trusted person should be sent too.   (3) During the Covid-19 restrictions, it may be that original documents are not needed...please contact us to check.    

Q:     Can I still show my documents via Zoom?    A:     No.  Original documents must be shown.